Maximal in Style

The time to be unafraid and embrace the bold and flamboyant with style is here. We bring to you – Maximalism, a movement that’s typified by its richness, its abundance of embellishment and its excess of decoration. Here are a few tips of how you can incorporate maximalism in your home and indulge in the extra.

Image Credits: Houzz | Andrew Martin

A good place to start off would be to adorn your home with all the things you love. We love our homes even more when surrounded by things we love. Maximalism is more of everything, and what better way than to have more of what you love. But whilst at it, make sure you maintain balance. Here’s some inspiration for all you book worms who’d like to have a dedicated space just to place all the books.

If youre dreaming of a maximalist home and are overwhelmed by all the excess and unsure of how it will all come together, take baby steps. Try it in small doses, throw in a few colorful cushions in clashing tones on a plain dark sofa or an accent chair. Be brave, try out a whacky and bold wallpaper on an accent wall.

Image Credits: Sofa | Wardrobinson

Juxtapose your materials and play with textures. Dont limit yourself to matching schemes, the idea is to push the envelope and bring about combinations that havent been done before. Throw the rule book out the window and feel free to experiment

Image Credits: Freshome | Reno Guide

More is more! Colors, patterns, textures or accessories when it comes to Maximalism, the world is your oyster. Just imagine how relaxing it would be to decorate without the pressure of being perfect. While the décor must have a few unifying elements or colors throughout, to bring your home together. Maximalism works well with the imperfections.

So, are you joining in on the Maximalism trend?

Image Credits: The Vintage Type | My Domaine

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