Maximal in Style

The time to be unafraid and embrace the bold and flamboyant with style is here. We bring to you – Maximalism, a movement that’s typified by its richness, its abundance of embellishment and its excess of decoration. Here are a few tips of how you can incorporate maximalism in your home and indulge in the extra.

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Image Credits: Houzz | Andrew Martin

A good place to start off would be to adorn your home with all the things you love. We love our homes even more when surrounded by things we love. Maximalism is more of everything, and what better way than to have more of what you love. But whilst at it, make sure you maintain balance. Here’s some inspiration for all you book worms who’d like to have a dedicated space just to place all the books.

If youre dreaming of a maximalist home and are overwhelmed by all the excess and unsure of how it will all come together, take baby steps. Try it in small doses, throw in a few colorful cushions in clashing tones on a plain dark sofa or an accent chair. Be brave, try out a whacky and bold wallpaper on an accent wall.

Image Credits: Sofa | Wardrobinson

Juxtapose your materials and play with textures. Dont limit yourself to matching schemes, the idea is to push the envelope and bring about combinations that havent been done before. Throw the rule book out the window and feel free to experiment

Image Credits: Freshome | Reno Guide

More is more! Colors, patterns, textures or accessories when it comes to Maximalism, the world is your oyster. Just imagine how relaxing it would be to decorate without the pressure of being perfect. While the décor must have a few unifying elements or colors throughout, to bring your home together. Maximalism works well with the imperfections.

So, are you joining in on the Maximalism trend?

Image Credits: The Vintage Type | My Domaine

Terrazzo, For the Win!

As a trend, Terrazzo has never quite disappeared off our radar and we were so pleased to see it making a comeback in a big way with no signs of the trend slowing down. So what is it about this ‘speckle effect’ that keeps our customers coming back and just where did this design come from originally?  Let’s find out!

Image Credits: Homedit | Katie Gillies

Traditional terrazzo is a composite material created using a mix of marble, quartz, granite, glass (amongst other materials) which are then set using cement or resin. Although deriving from the mosaic art form we’re familiar with, instead of being placed in a specific pattern, together these chips are mixed to create their own unique blends of colors and shapes. It is this sporadic pattern that gives each space a sense of individuality with endless patterns and colors to suit almost any theme. 

Image Credits: Katie Gillies | Tredesignbook

Terrazzo is mostly used for flooring or wall treatments. You might remember terrazzo as the speckled flooring in your grandmother’s kitchen or from the bathroom countertops at many hotels and restaurants. The new wave of terrazzo looks a bit different, with modern influences slightly altering the look.

Image Credits: Roca Life

Terrazzo looks really good when mixed with metallic accents. The contrasting clash of the bold colored chunks against the cool metal finish is what makes this a winning combo. You can also play with size and scale of the marble/quartz/granite/glass being added to the mix for the desired effect. Especially for bathrooms and kitchens you can use metallic faucets with terrazzo flooring and wall treatments.

Today terrazzo has a wider variety of color and sizes that make the specks of materials more chunky and bold. The trend has inspired terrazzo products, such as wallpaper, pottery, center tables and accent pieces too. If tiling an entire wall seems a little too ambitious for you, consider purchasing temporary terrazzo wallpaper. This allows you to cover large areas without splurging too much and saving you some time along the way.

Bringing Nature Indoors

Turn your home inside out… or should I say outside in, by blending the natural world with your interior space. If you’re a nature lover, then you’ve come to the right place because we have exactly what you’re looking for. Incorporating nature in the house can really transform how a space looks and feels.

Image Credits: Mobilia

This may seem like the most obvious way to bring nature indoors, but it cannot be overdone. Put plants in every room of the house, just make sure you pick the appropriate plants depending on how much light is available. For those of us who weren’t gifted with a green thumb, succulents are here to save the day. Not only are they easy to care for, but succulents have become one of the hottest plants out there.

Image Credits: Annesage

The easiest way to cheer up any room with nature is using fresh flowers, potted plant, live walls or vertical garden that are perfect also for who doesn’t have a green thumb, as they don’t need much care. Live walls in particular help also to renew the air inside as they absorb the moisture and give you back clean air. Wall murals allow you to create an eye-catching feature wall in any room to instantly transform your space. 

Name one person you know who wouldn’t smile at the beautiful blooms of lush flowers? I tried, and I can’t. Everyone can benefit from a gorgeous bouquet, and who says we have to be gifted with flowers to enjoy them? Flowers serve as an instant pick me up

Image Credits: Thuisdecoratie | Liketoknow

Time to show off that green thumb, herb gardens are definitely the way to go. Bringing your herbs into the house allows for tasty fresh herbs all year round. They also smell great and can be placed in small pots throughout your kitchen.

Image Credits: Gardeners | Williams Sonoma

Have you ever grabbed a shell from a sand beach? Or a pretty stone or pebble from a stream? They tend to end up shoved away somewhere, but bust those bad boys out and display them on a shelf. It can also be therapeutic to rearrange them like a zen garden.

Image Credits: Homeaway | The Apollobox

Add a little rustic appeal by selecting furniture made with natural elements. Pick pieces that are very minimal in style and look like they were snagged right from the wild. Rich wood colors and raw natural edges are beautiful and not to mention unique.

Image Credits: Russet Studio

Christmas – The Season of Joy & Giving

Bring in the festive season with the best decorating tips for your home. A time best spent with family and friends at home, get ready to have each and every inch of your home decked up with decorations and ornaments.

Image Credits: House Beuatiful

Use special wrapping paper to coordinate and complement your home décor. You could also use the same technique for the Christmas tree decorations as well. Speaking of decorations, Layer, layer and layer! Use objects of different heights, start by hanging oversized snowflakes, and building up the table with tall candlesticks.

Image Credits: House Beautiful

Play with color! Go for non-traditional colors, instead of the typical red and green palette, mix it up a little bit like metals with retro elements. The gold and silver duo can never go out of style. This Christmas embrace color, the more the merrier.

Image Credits: House Beautiful

And then, there was wine! Stock the bar with all the merry making essentials to bring in the festive season. You can also add a touch of greenery and glasses to accessorize.

Image Credits: House Beautiful

Classic always scores, do up your Christmas trees by finding the right tree, ornaments, tree toppers, tree skirts, garland, and other on-theme decorations. There’s always room for a classic tree in your living room.

Image Credits: Country Living

Who says that all the festivities have to be limited only to the living room? Deck out the kitchen with these adorable mini wreaths that we are so in love with. Oh and don’t forget the champagne! Well, we hope you have a Christmas filled with joy, love and hope. Season’s greeting from Russet Studio.

Image Credits: House Beautiful

The Luxe Revival

Perhaps inspired by all things royal, opulent and period drama-esque thanks to TV shows like – The Crown and Downton Abbey. The luxe revival trend is all about indulging in the rich and elegant to make a bold statement.  

Image Credits:  Emily Henderson  |  Pamono

The trend is very versatile as it can be worked in to so many different styles and really complements trending finishes such as gold, brass and marble. This trend oozes class and sophistication with luxury materials paired with a minimalist look.

Image Credits:  Boca Do Lobo  |  Design Indulgences  |  Archiproducts

In interiors it is defined by fabrics, furniture and accessories pieces that ooze a touch of decadence, exuding sophistication, elegance and style. With its sumptuous texture and delicate sheen Velvet is most often associated with European royalty but has its roots in the Middle East as far back as the 9th century. The texture of the fabric lends itself equally well with anything from graphic chairs to plush couches.

Image Credits: Real Estate  |  Dova Home  |  Delightfull

Whilst there are endless trends to follow and keep up with, nothing is talked about quite as much as the fantastic Luxe Revival trend. In the wonderful world of interiors, it can be difficult to know what will suit your home, but the Luxe Revival makes it hard not to love.

Image Credits:  Zanui  |  Maison Valentina

Diwali – The Season to Indulge

From nostalgic scents of freshly made sweets dominating the air, the shimmering candles all alongside the handmade diyas to the glittering festie wear. Diwali is all about the victory of good over evil and welcoming the new. What better way to bring in the new then by sprucing up your home without burning a hole in your pocket. Here’s a list of a few tips you can use this Diwali.

Image Credits : Adress Home | Strands of Silk

Fresh furnishing are a must have. Don’t be afraid to us some bold colors and patterns. Go desi with some traditional Indian Motifs like gotta patti, mandala prints, peacock motifs and intricate block prints. Another direction to explore could be to go for really graphic cushions for a cool and casual touch.

Image Credits : Popxo

Image Credits : TOI  | Good Earth

Image Credits : House Joy

Antique metal vessels are a go to for adding a dash of the old world charm. Used mostly during the pooja ceremony, these beautiful and intricate vessels make a lovely addition to your home accessories.

Image Credits : Strands Of Silk | Staging |

Diwali is a festival of lights, so how can we leave out the most integral part of the décor – Lighting. So while most opt for fairy lights, decorative lights and lanterns or kandils, you can always experiment and try something different. You can always use frosted or colored jars with fairy lights or even hand woven rattan lamps.

Image Credits : Lifestyle Space | Amazon

Embrace the Boho in you

If you are among the folks who just can’t get enough of the 1970’s, patterns, plants, weavings, geometric shapes, and the comfortable clutter of bohemian interiors. Also if you are looking for a style that you can truly make your own, Bohemian style might be for you.

Boho is inspired by people who choose to lead an unconventional life that is richly artistic and nomadic. The Bohemian style is all about combining objects, colors, and patterns from many areas of the world that you may have picked up on your travels.

Let’s find out, how you can spruce up your home boho style. First off, anything you’ve collected throughout your life, display it. Go bold with eclectic prints and patterns.

Image Credits: Neat Fast | Doris Leslie Bilau

Image Credits : Russet Studio | Russet Studio

Fill your space with a collection of fabrics, patterns, books, art, mirrors, vintage pieces or travel memoirs. But don’t forget to make room for plants, lots and lots of it.

Image Credits : Dizzy Home | Domino

The best part of boho is that there is no right or wrong. The goal is to make the room reflect your sense of adventure and spontaneity. So think crochet curtains, beaded embellishments, hanging chairs and tassels. It’s all about finding a method in all the madness.

Image Credits : Lisa Danielle

Cozy Corners

Who doesn’t like to curl up in a cozy spot with a good book to read? Most of us will want a corner as a relaxing and reading spot. . We at Russet believe that every home needs a cozy corner to retreat from our hectic lives. Picking up any dead corner of the room and turning it into an inviting area is a way to revive your decor. 

Go all in for neutral, light and earthy tones for your walls. A fresh coat of paint will dramatically transform the way your interior decorating looks and feels. Don’t forget that you can’t curl up without pillows and a throw blanket! Comfy pillows, a blanket and a comfortable chair can create a perfect cozy spot. 

Wood and brick are natural materials that add unique textures and create an interesting corner. Addition of boho antiques and planters compliment cozy floor setups perfectly. 

Whether living room, bedroom or balcony, you can always find a corner to create your reading nook. All you need is pillows, pillows and more pillows!

Come fall in Love with Concrete

At first glance concrete might not seem like a reasonable option for your home. But don’t make your mind up just yet, you just might be in for a surprise. A new take on the industrial tendency of seasons past, let’s take a closer look at the concrete interior trend and figure out how to get the look for your home.

Image Credits: Upgradesign | CW Interiors 

Don’t restrict your vision by dismissing concrete as just another composite element. Far from being conceived as a crisp, hard atmosphere, it can truly help to give a warmer feel to your home. There are many techniques to bring the material into your interior design.

How, you ask? Well for one, using compact material gives the ideal pretext to add soft furnishings with more tactile textures. Juxtaposing fabrics and textures with this cool surface, will add warmness and balance.

Image Credits: Cobbshops | Simons

Concrete also works excellently when paired with various ornamental finishes such as from metallic vases, finishes, accessories, lighting fixtures to sequined cushions and bold colored accent pieces.

Another sure shot hit would be pairing concrete interiors with nature. The use of concrete and nature is an interesting play on how these contrasting elements come together and instantly create a memorable moment in any part of your home.

If you still happen to have some doubts about committing to concrete for your home, you can always start small and experiment with concrete accessories. From planters, candle stands, center tables, stools to bathroom sinks the list is endless. Say what you may concrete is here to stay!

Image Credits: CW Interiors | Pharmaciemphls | CB2

Less is More

Today the word ‘Minimalist’ is often used to describe a wide range of topics from art and fashion to architecture and interior design, to even a way of life. So, what is minimalism? The best way to understand that is to go back to the beginning of it all.

Minimalism is an art movement that was started and developed by architects and designers who saw beauty in the simplest of forms. They wanted you to notice and feel what wasn’t there as much as what was there.

Image Credits:  MyDomaine

Minimalism is a style or technique as in literature, music or design that is characterized by extreme sparseness and simplicity. Today the influence of minimalism is everywhere maybe even right in front of you. Minimalist design pioneers such as Gerrit Rietveld, Tadao Ando and Ludwig Mies Van Der paved the way for this influential style.

Image Credits: Maria Brunn

Here are some iconic furniture designs that encompass the essence of minimalism. The famous adage “Less is more” originated with midcentury German-American master Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe—although some say it is his mentor, German designer Peter Behrens, who deserves the credit. However one cannot take away his contribution to the art movement. Take his iconic Barcelona chair (1929); it’s as sleek as can be but was always rather expensive to produce, and its tufted, leather-clad cushions were crafted for royalty (quite literally for the king and queen of Spain).

Image Credits: Ludwig Mie Van Der Rohe’s Barcelona Chair By   Pamono

One of the most widely revered proponents of minimalist design is German designer Dieter Rams. “Good design is as little design as possible,” he wrote in his Ten Principles for Good Design. “Less, but better—because it concentrates on the essential aspects, and the products are not burdened with non-essentials. Back to purity; back to simplicity.”

Image Credits: Dieter Rams’s 620 Chair Program Vitsoe

Japanese studio Nendo, led by Oki Sato, started making design waves and remains one of the most sought after talents on the international design scene today. His signature style includes using monochromatic palettes, reduced forms, and even transparency to tremendous effect.

Image Credits: The Thin Black Line Collection By Nendo.

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At Russet we have a deep passion for the vibrant, artisanal traditions of India. Our design philosophy is to make hand crafted furniture pieces reimagined for the modern connoisseur.

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