Terrazzo, For the Win!

As a trend, Terrazzo has never quite disappeared off our radar and we were so pleased to see it making a comeback in a big way with no signs of the trend slowing down. So what is it about this ‘speckle effect’ that keeps our customers coming back and just where did this design come from originally?  Let’s find out!

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Traditional terrazzo is a composite material created using a mix of marble, quartz, granite, glass (amongst other materials) which are then set using cement or resin. Although deriving from the mosaic art form we’re familiar with, instead of being placed in a specific pattern, together these chips are mixed to create their own unique blends of colors and shapes. It is this sporadic pattern that gives each space a sense of individuality with endless patterns and colors to suit almost any theme. 

Image Credits: Katie Gillies | Tredesignbook

Terrazzo is mostly used for flooring or wall treatments. You might remember terrazzo as the speckled flooring in your grandmother’s kitchen or from the bathroom countertops at many hotels and restaurants. The new wave of terrazzo looks a bit different, with modern influences slightly altering the look.

Image Credits: Roca Life

Terrazzo looks really good when mixed with metallic accents. The contrasting clash of the bold colored chunks against the cool metal finish is what makes this a winning combo. You can also play with size and scale of the marble/quartz/granite/glass being added to the mix for the desired effect. Especially for bathrooms and kitchens you can use metallic faucets with terrazzo flooring and wall treatments.

Today terrazzo has a wider variety of color and sizes that make the specks of materials more chunky and bold. The trend has inspired terrazzo products, such as wallpaper, pottery, center tables and accent pieces too. If tiling an entire wall seems a little too ambitious for you, consider purchasing temporary terrazzo wallpaper. This allows you to cover large areas without splurging too much and saving you some time along the way.

The Luxe Revival

Perhaps inspired by all things royal, opulent and period drama-esque thanks to TV shows like – The Crown and Downton Abbey. The luxe revival trend is all about indulging in the rich and elegant to make a bold statement.  

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The trend is very versatile as it can be worked in to so many different styles and really complements trending finishes such as gold, brass and marble. This trend oozes class and sophistication with luxury materials paired with a minimalist look.

Image Credits:  Boca Do Lobo  |  Design Indulgences  |  Archiproducts

In interiors it is defined by fabrics, furniture and accessories pieces that ooze a touch of decadence, exuding sophistication, elegance and style. With its sumptuous texture and delicate sheen Velvet is most often associated with European royalty but has its roots in the Middle East as far back as the 9th century. The texture of the fabric lends itself equally well with anything from graphic chairs to plush couches.

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Whilst there are endless trends to follow and keep up with, nothing is talked about quite as much as the fantastic Luxe Revival trend. In the wonderful world of interiors, it can be difficult to know what will suit your home, but the Luxe Revival makes it hard not to love.

Image Credits:  Zanui  |  Maison Valentina

Come fall in Love with Concrete

At first glance concrete might not seem like a reasonable option for your home. But don’t make your mind up just yet, you just might be in for a surprise. A new take on the industrial tendency of seasons past, let’s take a closer look at the concrete interior trend and figure out how to get the look for your home.

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Don’t restrict your vision by dismissing concrete as just another composite element. Far from being conceived as a crisp, hard atmosphere, it can truly help to give a warmer feel to your home. There are many techniques to bring the material into your interior design.

How, you ask? Well for one, using compact material gives the ideal pretext to add soft furnishings with more tactile textures. Juxtaposing fabrics and textures with this cool surface, will add warmness and balance.

Image Credits: Cobbshops | Simons

Concrete also works excellently when paired with various ornamental finishes such as from metallic vases, finishes, accessories, lighting fixtures to sequined cushions and bold colored accent pieces.

Another sure shot hit would be pairing concrete interiors with nature. The use of concrete and nature is an interesting play on how these contrasting elements come together and instantly create a memorable moment in any part of your home.

If you still happen to have some doubts about committing to concrete for your home, you can always start small and experiment with concrete accessories. From planters, candle stands, center tables, stools to bathroom sinks the list is endless. Say what you may concrete is here to stay!

Image Credits: CW Interiors | Pharmaciemphls | CB2

Go Raw with Industrial Look

Baring it all takes a lot of courage, and modern industrial interior design is about exposing all that lies beneath to achieve the raw, edgy style.

Image credits – Pinterest

In industrial interior design practicality and creativity goes hand in hand in order to create this trend of converting former industrial spaces into residential living.  It is done by effectively eliminating the cost of covering all the exposed pipes, beams and ducts running along with the high ceilings and walls, it also, in a sense, keeps the building’s history alive. It’s an important element of the industrial concept of interior design.

Image credits – Macho Moda

A plethora of wood and metal surfaces can be found in industrial-style interiors. It’s no wonder that earth tones and neutrals are popular color choices for these spaces. People who long for the industrial look may even incorporate the concept of exposed pipes through furniture.

Image credits – Etsy | Alladecor

Lighting is a challenging aspect of the industrial decorating ideas, but there are a whole host of lighting options available today. Floor lamps and pendants are liberally used throughout industrial design spaces for focused lighting. Track lights are a good option for ambient lighting of the industrial interior.

Image credits – Etsy | Pearedcreation 

There’s no questioning why so many people have fallen in love with industrial design. It allows us the freedom to embrace antique beauty while still enjoying modern conveniences. 

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