Who doesn’t like to curl up in a cozy spot with a good book to read? Most of us will want a corner as a relaxing and reading spot. . We at Russet believe that every home needs a cozy corner to retreat from our hectic lives. Picking up any dead corner of the room and turning it into an inviting area is a way to revive your decor. 

Go all in for neutral, light and earthy tones for your walls. A fresh coat of paint will dramatically transform the way your interior decorating looks and feels. Don’t forget that you can’t curl up without pillows and a throw blanket! Comfy pillows, a blanket and a comfortable chair can create a perfect cozy spot. 

Wood and brick are natural materials that add unique textures and create an interesting corner. Addition of boho antiques and planters compliment cozy floor setups perfectly. 

Whether living room, bedroom or balcony, you can always find a corner to create your reading nook. All you need is pillows, pillows and more pillows!

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