Institutional Orders

If you are a design professional working on single residence projects, hospitality projects or you are in any other profession looking at ordering our products in bulk for any of your projects, or you are a builder looking at furnishing your apartments or villas, please write to us on hello@russetstudio.com. We could help make your products customized to your requirements. Do let us know your requirements and our team of interior specialists, product designers and sales staff will create a special offer for your needs.

Bespoke Services

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An Exclusive Design Portfolio

Attention To Detail

In Depth Design Understanding


International Aesthetics


Fully Customizable Furniture Pieces


In House Design And Development Team


Bespoke/ Made To Order Designs


High Quality Assurance


Hassle Free Sourcing


In House Manufacturing (MUMBAI)

Why Russet?

Well, why Russet. That’s a great question. We’re a young furniture design studio. We make handcrafted furniture.We want to make a difference. We love design. Scratch that. We obsess over design.

Headquartered in Bombay, we’re based out of Mulund. Working at Russet is all about moving fast and smart. It is a lot of fun and at the same time it’s about constantly learning and applying yourself every day. Teams work very closely with each other and there are no doors that need to be knocked to have a discussion. It is this environment that makes working at Russet a pleasure.

Work Culture

A lot of people ask us, “what kind of people do we look for. What kind of people finally get hired to work at Russet.” Honestly, there’s no easy answer to this. But we put down some traits that we found common across the folks that make Team Russet.

Sounds clichéd, but it’s true. We work our asses off. We’re passionate about what we’re doing and we’re here to do some epic work. You’re going to be working at a Design studio and it’s going to be crazy.

We’re all passionate people. Passionate about a million things. It’s that passion that shows at work. We laugh, we fight, we argue, we do fun stuff. We are just always on the move.

We don’t believe in hand-holding. There’s no manual for what we do. We don’t wait for others to teach us stuff. We learn on the job. Without egos.


We spend a lot of time working and at the same time thinking our next move. We need people who are quick on their feet and able to communicate issues and ideas with equal ease. You will be dealing with various teams, vendors and people across the food chain. Communicating adeptly across is key.

We love to experiment. We makes mistakes all the time. But we try. And that’s what makes us tick. Good today is better than perfect tomorrow.

We respect each other. Doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 40. Your opinion matters.

Yup. That’s all. Quite impressed that you’ve reached all the way down here. You absolutely must apply for a job. Don’t you think?

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